Marketing Strategies for Business Owners

Business owners often struggle with finding easy and efficient ways to reach their audiences. The process of media buying can be risky, but if business owners choose to work with an experienced marketing director or service and follow the steps below they can drastically increase their chances of successfully increasing sales.

Determine the Best Options

The first step toward reaching new audiences is figuring out who, exactly, they are. Do some research on target demographics and what media outlets they are most likely to use, then evaluate whether or not it is a good investment based on this information.

Start With Single Placement

It's a good idea to test one media type at a time rather than starting a multi-media campaign from scratch all at once. This helps businesses determine which media platform is most effective for reaching their target audiences when otherwise it would be difficult to determine which part of the campaign had the most impact.

Multi-Media Allocation

After testing each media option, it's time to consider putting together a multi-media campaign. Using multiple media outlets that have been proven effective simultaneously allows businesses to create a unified message and increase brand awareness. Combining television, radio, or print ads with outdoor advertising allows businesses to create the impression that their products are everywhere, making them appear more desirable.

Spot Buys

Spot buys allow businesses to select exactly where they want their advertising content to appear. This might be a particular position in a magazine or newspaper or a commercial run during a particular television show. This form of media buying is most effective when used in multi-demographic media such as television.

Rotation Buys

When businesses utilize rotation buys they allow television or radio stations to select where their ads run for them. The primary advantage of rotation buys is that they are often offered at a deep discount and are usually sold as packages. Keep in mind that some of the spots offered in these packages will be decent, while others will be much less effective, and to insist on spot-appropriate pricing.

Get Some Professional Help

If all of that sounds like a lot of information to be processed all at once it's probably time to consider hiring some professional help. There are a wide variety of other media placement options and marketing strategies available to businesses looking to reach new audiences, so speaking with an experienced professional regarding options is a step that should not be ignored.


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